Workflow Improvements to Increase Productivity

May 12, 2016

Diana Aquino

Be prepared to be more productive with the following enhancements to your custom dashboard visualizations.

Campaign Info

Dashboard charts configured to show data split by marketing campaign now include a popover showing campaign info such as start and end date, campaign type, and current status. Clicking the campaign name takes you directly to an edit view of the campaign, allowing you to quickly make changes based on your campaign data analysis.


Segment Details

Dashboard charts configured to show data split by segment now include a popover showing details for the segment, giving you a helpful context for your data analysis. The same popover also includes a shortcut to create a new user experience, or a new marketing campaign, for that segment.


To learn more about these new feature enhancements, contact your Customer Success Manager. Or, schedule a demo of the powerful Upsight platform.

In: Product, Marketing, Analytics

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