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January 23, 2015

Britt Buckingham

drive-in-3In this week’s industry news roundup, discover why you may want to rethink your freemium strategy, what mobile entertainment and the U.S. Box Office have in common, and more.

Premium games still have life

Last week, Ustwogames released data sharing the success of their award winning mobile game, Monument Valley. The game is sold in app stores for $3.99 a game with a $1.99 expansion pack and has generated a total of $6 million since launching in April 2014. And while all of the recent momentum in mobile gaming seems to have been in free-to-play, Monument Valley’s success proves that premium games still have life. Of particular note, 23.6% of customers purchased the Forgotten Shores expansion pack. Read more about Monument Valley’s success here.

Is grocery shopping now a mobile marketing opportunity?

According to a recent Mobile Audience Insight Report by NinthDecimal the answer is clearly yes. Mobile is becoming an integral part consumers everyday grocery shopping trips. The study shows that not only do consumers use mobile devices to prepare for their grocery shop, but 59% of consumers use their mobile device while physically shopping in the grocery store, up 17% from last year.

This represents a tremendous opportunity for CPG marketers to capitalize on the power of location-based mobile marketing. To learn more best practices for how you can leverage location technologies in your app, download our whitepaper: Tips to Get More out of your Location-Based App Marketing.

Mobile entertainment soon to eclipse U.S. Box office revenue!

According to the latest research by SNL Kagan, with over $9 billion spent on smartphone and tablet entertainment Americans are now spending as much as they do on movie tickets at the U.S. Box Office. Mobile games, video, and music have led the way to 50% CAGR as Americans shift their entertainment behavior from theaters and the living room to their mobile devices.

The app economy now sustains more jobs (627,000 iOS jobs in the US) than the entertainment industry (374,000 jobs in the US), proving just how big of a business mobile has become. Read a recap of the SNL Kagan’s research here.

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