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April 3, 2015

Britt Buckingham


In this week’s industry news roundup, dig deeper into what’s driving app revenue, find out where many Americans get their internet from, and discover how mobile is playing a big role in the NCAA Basketball tournament. Also, we had an April surprise: push notifications for REM sleep!

64% of American adults now own a smartphone, 10% rely on smartphone for Internet

This week, the PEW Research Center released their U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015 report which examined how the traditional notion of “going online” is changing. 64% of American adults now own a smartphone. Most surprising: 10% rely on that smartphone for their sole Internet access point! Read a full recap of PEW’s learnings about surveying on mobile apps vs. web browsers here. The findings of how mobile results vary from desktop results should be particularly interesting to our fellow marketers.

235 billion app downloads predicted in 2015 & app revenue of $99 billion by 2019

Juniper Research released the Apps & App Stores: Market Trends & Forecasts 2015-2019 report this week. The findings show that while games will continue to account for the largest share of revenue, lifestyle apps such as dating and navigation will be fastest-growing segment on mobile devices. The report highlights that the growth isn’t stemming from freemium apps alone but that that many navigation apps are moving to paid download models.

Need some tips to help you drive revenue from your app or game? Here are some tactics to help you improve in-app-purchase revenue.

March Madness in mobile apparel sales too?

This year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament has had its fair share of excitement on the court, but for mobile marketers this stat might be more interesting. According to apparel site Fanatics, 66% of Kentucky’s apparel sales were made on a mobile device. The remaining other three teams still in the tournament saw mobile purchasing above 50% as well.

Did you know that mobile visits account for one-third of the traffic on top eCommerce sites? Here are 5 Eye-Opening Stats that Will Change the Way You Think About Mobile.

All New! Engage with app users, even while they sleep

Don’t let traditional push notification solutions Fool you. This week Upsight launched all new push notification campaigns during REM Sleep. Now, you can engage your customers after they leave your app and even after they have gone to sleep. Check it out: upsight.com/marketing/rem-sleep

Have a great weekend!

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