Video: Location, Location, Location - iBeaconing and Geofencing for the Impulse Buyer

November 6, 2014

Laura Perez


Over the past month, Apple Pay has put the spotlight on mobile payments. This new form of “express pay” is shaking up the industry, but it’s certainly not the first nor will it be the last technology that encourages brands and customers to change the way they interact.

Today’s generation of consumers are forcing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies to focus on mobile. Many retailers that started out as brick and mortar businesses or even web-first are looking to adopt a mobile-first approach to appeal to their customers. They’re thinking more about the customer journey from brick and mortar to web to mobile and how these channels are all interconnected paths. 

We recently spoke at the Mobile Payments Conference in Chicago on a panel focused on the role mobile location-based marketing plays in the overall buying experience. The panel addresses everything from iBeacons to Geofencing and how these technologies provide a new avenue for customer engagement.

Watch more from the panel below and learn:

  • The technology behind iBeaconing and Geofencing and what makes the two technologies fundamentally different.
  • What types of apps work best for each technology.
  • Common pitfalls marketers should avoid when leveraging location-based technologies. 
  • Various ways to leverage iBeacons and Geofencing to engage customers through in-app content delivery.

winningstrat_feature_01-1To learn more best practices for leveraging location technologies in your app, download our whitepaper: Tips to Get More out of your Location-Based App Marketing.

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