User Experience A/B Testing

June 9, 2016

Evan FP

Upsight’s User Experience Management tools let our clients adjust in-app variables directly from the Upsight dashboard. As of our most recent update, these changes can now be tested before rolling them out to your entire user base, thanks to our new user experience A/B testing feature.


Experiences that are set up as A/B tests use the same variable keys and values as standard experiences, except that some (or all) can be designated for testing. Multiple variants can be created, and assigned a percentage of the targeted user segment. When a user joins an A/B test variant, they’re locked in for the duration of the test.



While they're a member of a test variant, all of their activity gets tagged with their variant ID. This means that you can explore and visualize metrics exclusive to each experience variant, creating dashboards designed for analyzing data plotted or split by A/B test variants.


Once you’ve reviewed the test and decided which values you want to go with, simply pick the winning variant and convert those values into a standard experience. You can then expand the experience target to encompass more users and set its priority relative to any other experiences in your list.

To learn more about how you can start working with user experience A/B testing, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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