Upsight Push Now Supports Emojis

April 22, 2015

Britt Buckingham

emoji-on-apple-diversityA picture says a thousand words...which is why we’re excited to announce that Upsight Push now supports emojis. Mobile marketers can communicate with their users through personalized and eye catching push notifications.

Push notifications - when done right - are highly effective re-engagement tools, so differentiate your content from your competitors with personalized and visually appealing notifications.

Let’s face it - emojis are fun. They are also a simple and effective way to convey a message or emotion with a simple graphic. We’re seeing our customers get creative with their push notifications by using emojis to bring holidays to life, create urgency around discounts and sales and add personality to their push notifications. The goal being to increase message open and conversion rates. Check-out some fun use cases of push notifications using emojis.


In early testing, we’ve seen the incorporation of emojis increase direct opens for push messages by up to 45%. With our support widely available for all customers now, we’re excited to see how this will continue to benefit our customers’ marketing campaigns.

You can learn all about Upsight Push Notifications and how to incorporate emojis to bring a smile to your users face here

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