2 New Improvements to Upsight's Digital Marketing Tools

November 16, 2016


This week we're shipping two new improvements to our marketing tools that improve efficiency for digital marketers and streamline the milestone management process.

Clone Push Notifications

Upsight users can now expedite the creation of similar or identical push campaigns using our new push cloning functionality. Eliminate the time and risk inherent in manual entry by cloning successfully tested notifications for delivery to your targeted segments. Simply select the "Clone" option from the campaign dropdown, choose your new target segment, save the changes, and your cloned notification is ready to be deployed.

Clone Push Notifications.gif


Hiding Milestones

In the past, Upsight users were unable to reuse the names of previously deleted milestones due to long term back-end storage practices. To simplify this process, milestones and app versions can no longer be deleted, but are instead considered either hidden or active. Users can manage Milestones and App Versions by manually moving them between the hidden and active lists, allowing for a complete and unobscured understanding of your app's version history and milestone name availability.

Active and Hidden5.gif


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