Top 3 Features to Look for in an Analytics Provider

April 29, 2016

Diana Aquino

Is your analytics provider delivering on their promise? If you really want to maximize success, review the list of top three features to look for in an analytics provider to see if your solution checks all the boxes.

Since every app is unique, the metrics you track should be too. Although many analytics providers supply a standard set of core metrics, it’s critical you have full flexibility in creating personalized metrics. You need access to your raw user data in order to create visualizations that are uniquely tailored to your app.

You should look for three things in an analytics provider; flexibility, scalability, and actionability, and here’s why.


Flexibility comes in a few different flavors: flexible ingestion, flexible analysis, and flexible visualizations.

  • Flexible ingestion is the ability to take in many types of data while still being able to process it efficiently and properly handle your use cases. This helps ensure downstream processing is efficient and still fits your business needs. 
  • Flexible analysis means that you have access to the right type of data for your required task. For example, if you are a Data Scientist investigating a hypothesis about your soft-launched app, you might want access to event level data to make a decision. Compare that to a Monetization Manager who needs to run a campaign on a targeted segment of their user base, they might need access to user-level aggregate statistics like lifetime revenue. Both these use cases are very different from an analyst who needs to make custom reports for internal stakeholders by playing with aggregated metrics broken down by important dimensions.
  • The metrics you track should be as unique as the app you developed. While there are loads of basic analytics packages on the market, it’s critical you have flexible visualizations for creating reports that are personalized to your needs.


Scalability is critical to a successful analytics platform. It's important to track as much pertinent information on your users as possible. Your need for a scalable system will grow with the success of your apps. 


Actionability means that you can easily leverage your data to affect your users through a marketing campaign, an alteration to the user’s experience or a targeted ad. Being able to generate aggregate dimensions on each user is key to extracting value from the data you are collecting.

As the all-in-one analytics solution that’s flexible, scalable and actionable, Upsight’s robust analytics solution checks all the boxes. Leverage Upsight’s platform to support all your initiatives, personalize your metrics, and ultimately customize the experience for every user.

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