The New & Improved Metric Explorer Has Arrived

May 25, 2017


We’ve made it even easier to quickly surface valuable insights using one of our platform’s most powerful ad hoc data exploration tools: Metric Explorer. Our latest update adds new controls that empower users to quickly reach data-driven conclusions and conduct intuitive comparitive analyses. These upgrades represent the latest in our ongoing mission to provide enterprise marketers and analysts with the tools they need to go from insight to action in a single, comprehensive platform.


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Faster Answers Through Smarter Comparisons

Ad hoc analysis should be quick and effective. That’s why we made it our mission to minimize time-to-value when answering questions with Metric Explorer. We've added the ability to specify which metric to use along your chart’s x-axis and consolidated all controls on to the left-hand side of the interface. The new lightweight filter control allows users to further refine their search by specifying or omitting metric parameters like event names. The result is an effective, approachable tool that prioritizes speed where it counts.


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However, when it comes to discovering behavioral trends and relationships in your data, one metric is never enough. This update also adds two new controls to let users conduct rapid side-by-side comparisons of multiple metrics or dimension data. The first control is a “Split-By” option that breaks down metric totals into their constituent series for quick, one-dimensional investigations like:

  • Which operating systems are users running my app on?
  • When are users viewing the most rewarded ads?
  • What countries are the majority of my sessions coming from?


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The second control is a “Compare To” option that lets users analyze two metrics side-by-side, allowing marketers and analysts to quickly answer relational questions like:

  • How did my latest update affect session counts?
  • How important is retention to overall revenue?
  • What was the effect of increased ad frequency on session duration?


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The answers to these questions and any others produced using the new and improved Metric Explorer can be instantly added to your dashboard with the click of a button, and fully support algorithmic analysis from Upsight's proprietary Interesting Segment Finder tool.

We’re confident these improvements will make ad hoc data analysis in Upsight even more intuitive for users across your organization. For a personalized demonstration of the new and improved Metric Explorer, contact your dedicated customer success manager or click below to request a demo.



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