Target, Schedule and Automate Push Notifications with Upsight

April 23, 2015

Laura Perez


The theory of “effective frequency” became a standard practice in the mad men era when measuring the effectiveness of TV media buys. The consensus was that a consumer needs to see a product or brand marketing message anywhere between 3-7 times before the marketer gets the desired response. Flash forward 50+ years, and studies now show that a mobile consumer needs to see a message 15-25 times before they take an action.

When you’re managing a database of hundreds of thousands of users who are expecting a personalized mobile experience, this can be a daunting task for any mobile marketer. To help marketers stay in front of their users with consistent and relevant messages, we’re rolling out our new Upsight Recurring Push tool. With this new tool, we’re giving you full control to schedule push campaigns and automatically reach out to your users without manually managing the campaign. But, the real magic comes in your ability to leverage Upsight’s powerful user explorer, segmentation and deep linking capabilities to automate highly-personalized and targeted push messages. You have the flexibility to schedule your push campaigns to recur daily, weekly, and monthly and in your users unique timezones.

Here are a few examples of recurring push campaigns in action with Upsight:

  • Target your high spending segments and bring them back into your app with Virtual Goods Promotions every weekend.
  • Automate your content drip campaigns with weekly reminders to come back to your application.
  • Automatically save churning users by targeting users with falling engagement and give them in-app rewards.
  • Identify peak times for user spending and engagement in your app and schedule a recurring push to bring your users in your app on a regular basis at that time.
  • Uncover the day of the week or time of day when your users are most likely to churn or limit their engagement, and automate a push message to re-engage them.

Below are more examples for how recurring push campaigns can be implemented with a variety of app verticals. 

  • Retail and e-commerce apps can schedule an offer to for the 1st and 15th of every month when their consumers are most likely to receive paychecks.
  • Television or cable networks can leverage automated push messages to remind users when their most-watched shows are about to air.

Upsight provides the opportunities to get creative with your push campaigns from targeting valuable user segments to automating messaging to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


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