PlayHaven Mobile Ad Network iOS eCPM Climbs 92%

June 30, 2014

Brian Howell

Upsight owns and operates PlayHaven, a non-incentivized mobile ad network. Thousands of mobile app developers publish PlayHaven Ads in their apps – generating revenue for publishers and high quality app installs for advertisers.

PlayHaven released a new algorithm that resulted in a material, sustained improvement to performance. Global iOS eCPMs are up 92% since February. This has been a broad-based, non-bid related change as the impression to conversion rate has improved 31% as well. Overall, we’re now significantly better at presenting users with advertisements that they find valuable.


AdNetwork Blog Graph

In other news, check out the new ad designs we’re starting to roll out across the network. On iOS, users are already seeing new designs for interstitial ads. A new iOS More Games design is rolling out in the coming weeks. Android design changes are in development and rolling out soon as well.

new playhaven mobile ad network designs

Non-incentivized interstitial ads are a great way to generate new revenue for mobile applications. To learn more about publishing ads, visit To learn more about advertising on the PlayHaven Mobile Ad network, visit

*Data collected through June 22, 2014. Projected to the end of the month.

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