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March 28, 2017


Modern enterprises deal with more data than ever before. Beyond simply aggregating, visualizing and analyzing your data, the conversations about it are crucial to gaining understanding and deriving insights. At Upsight, helping you understand your data so you can optimize your marketing and monetization efforts is central to what we do, so we're always looking for ways to make you and your team's life easier. Today, conversations about data are taking place in email, IM, intranets and elsewhere. A common problem with all these conversations is that your discussion winds up on a static snapshot of your data, unable to be explored, not being updated in future days and living in a separate system that doesn't allow you to easily view other metrics.

Inefficient communication results in confusion, missed opportunities, and missed insights. Our latest feature, Enterprise Collaboration, is designed around helping you work more productively by allowing you to bring your conversations about key business metrics directly to the data.


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Introducing: Comments

Upsight users can now make comments directly on all their charts. Comments are a great way to annotate a chart and capture information such as:

  • A note to colleagues explaining the cause of a change that they may not have been aware of
  • The results of deeper investigation into the change of a metric, saving others from spending time looking into it themselves

Additionally, comments can be used to pull people together to learn more about the data.

Organization members can @mention other users to bring the conversation directly into the dashboard, ensuring that conversations remain centralized without the time-consuming overhead of capturing screenshots and managing email threads.

How It Works

Users can add comments to charts found on any dashboard they have permission to view. To leave a comment, click on the comment icon when hovering on an interesting data point. Mention other users in your organization that you’d like to bring into the conversation directly in your comment and a mobile-friendly email notification containing your comment and the appropriate chart will be delivered to them. Comments are attached to their specific date and can be viewed across any additional visualizations within the specified scope.



Mention colleagues directly in your comment


Email Notification Sample.png

Sample email notification


In addition to private comments, which are only visible to the author of the comment, Upsight users have the option to customize the reach of their comments when annotating charts. The four types of comment scope are:

  • Chart: Comment will only be visible on the charts on which it was created and will not appear in any other charts.
  • Dashboard: Comment will appear on all charts on the dashboard it was made on
  • Folder: Comments will appear on all charts in the folder it was made on
  • Global: Comment visibility is not limited at all. Globally scoped comments will appear on all charts on all dashboards.

We’re thrilled to offer this new tool and we’re certain it’ll make your team’s data-centric conversations easier and more productive. Happy commenting!

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