New From Upsight: Native Messaging Campaigns

May 10, 2017


The world’s best marketers understand the importance of cohesive brand engagements in their web and mobile products. The ability to unify every aspect of a product under a single, consistent aesthetic is what sets the most memorable brands apart from their competition. Things get challenging, however, when marketers need to tailor delivery of their native web and mobile engagements according to customer behavior.

Homespun native communication tools, while certainly an option, can incur substantial overhead costs and end up necessitating dedicated maintenance resources. Furthermore, in-house solutions only ever afford publishers a fraction of their potential value unless they can effectively leverage user-level data at scale. Without that, marketers are forced to run generalized campaigns that fail to achieve the ROI that comes with engaging customers at a personal level.

The solution has typically been to rely on one-size-fits-all engagement tools that, while capable of dynamically targeting customers, struggle to deliver the brand resonance achievable only through native communications. Upsight’s newest feature solves this problem.


Introducing: Native Messaging

Native messaging lets marketers leverage Upsight’s advanced segmentation and performance analysis capabilities in the targeted delivery of data payloads to their mobile applications and websites.

NM Mockup.png

As a data-only transmission, native messaging campaigns can be used to control any client-side system that has been built to leverage incoming data, affording marketers complete flexibility in the design and execution of their branded experiences. Unlike other data delivery systems, native messaging campaigns leverage Upsight’s best-in-class targeting and performance analysis tools, affording marketers a 360 degree understanding of the customers they’re engaging and the downstream effects of their efforts. This allows marketers to do things like:

  • Deliver branded mobile announcements that leverage in-app GUI frameworks
  • Modify menus to include personalized calls-to-action for seasonal IAP offers
  • Customize IAP store layout according to a customer’s in-app spending history
  • Populate elements on your website that notify visitors of what events you’ll be attending in the near future

If you’d like to learn more about how native messaging campaigns can drive value in your applications and websites, we’d love to chat. Click the button below to request your personalized demo today.




Existing Upsight customers can contact their dedicated customer success manager to get started with native messaging today.

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