Mobile Marketing Automation: Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

March 30, 2016

Diana Aquino

One of this year’s big mobile buzzwords is “Mobile Marketing Automation” or MMA for short (not to be confused with the punching and kicking version). Think of MMA as marketing at the user level, powered by analytics, delivered in real-time, and of course, automated. It’s all about getting the right offer, to the right user, at the right time. Upsight has been active in this space for several years now, and our product has evolved into a powerful platform that delivers on the promise of MMA.

At the heart of MMA is user segmentation, which is the ability to organize your users into meaningful groups based on shared characteristics.


Scenario 1

You might want to analyze the play styles of all of your players in the United Kingdom, who have reached level 4, have made at least one in-app purchase, and have stored up a lot of premium currency. The question at hand is why aren’t they spending all of that currency? What did the players who hit level 5 do that these players haven’t? The data collected from your custom segments will help you answer these questions, allowing you to take action that will better engage, retain and monetize these players.


Scenario 2

You’ve identified players in your game that haven’t made an in-app purchase, but are at the right spot in the game experience where an enticing offer would be hard to pass up. Some players might take action themselves, heading off to the in-game store and exchanging real money for the virtual kind. But to really optimize purchase conversions, a better strategy is to serve up a customized “just for you” offer, one that truly delivers great value. This is the core principle of merchandising, which is promoting products in such a way that it stirs the interest of customers and entices them to make a purchase.


When countless numbers of users pass through your apps every hour of every day, you simply don’t have the option of manually dropping them into segments and sending them a one-off message or offer. Automation is key for ensuring you are truly optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing player engagement.

The Upsight user lifecycle management platform allows you to define the rules for content delivery and user targeting. You can store, manage, and ultimately serve the content itself, like targeted offers, rewards, virtual goods, and promotional announcements, all in real-time. You can literally “set it and forget it” or go back and optimize as you learn more about your player behavior. Once your MMA plan is set up in the Upsight system, you can take advantage of the reporting and analysis tools that will help you evolve your strategies and optimize your efforts over the lifetime of your apps.

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