Mobile Analytics: Take Better Control of Data Mine

May 5, 2014

Laura Perez


Upsight Data Mine is an industry-leading mobile analytics data mining platform. Built on top of Hadoop with a HiveQL interface, Data Mine allows you to query your entire catalog of raw data and get deeper metrics beyond what’s possible in standard mobile analytics dashboards. Available to Upsight Enterprise customers, Data Mine offers some powerful features:

  • Saving and Scheduling Queries – to run at any point in time or automatically at designated times.
  • Automatically Email Results – to whomever you want without having to log into the dashboard.
  • Powerful Visualizations – plot query results to a chart for easier visual consumption, pin them to a Custom Dashboard, and share with whomever you want.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Data Mine Admin Panel – a feature that offers greater control and visibility into how your organization is using Data Mine. With this launch, users with admin account level permission can now:

  • Easily communicate with the users who are running or have scheduled queries (clicking on the name of submitter or scheduler pulls up an email addressed to that user).
  • Kill or remove running queries directly from the Admin Panel.
  • Modify or remove currently scheduled queries.

To access Admin Panel the next time you access Data Mine (if you have admin access), follow these steps.

1. Log in to your Dashboard account, click on the Data Mine icon at the top of your Dashboard. Note the new “Admin Panel” button.



2. Review the four tabs: All, Running, Scheduled, and Completed. With each tab, you can take actions specific to the queries contained on that page – offering complete control of your Data Mine resources.



3. Review the comprehensive overview of the Admin Panel in our Help Center.There, you can learn how to use the new feature in detail – including:

  • How to communicate with your team members about their queries.
  • Review currently running queries and kill those that are no longer necessary.
  • Review and alter the schedule of upcoming queries.
  • Remove queries altogether.

We’re excite to learn how you’re using the new mobile analytics feature. If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM or

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