MMA Study on Cross-Channel Marketing: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

April 30, 2015

Britt Buckingham

IMG_3037The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) held their Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness (SMoX) Roadshow this week in San Francisco to present their new study that's been two years in the making with major brands like MasterCard, The Coca-Cola Company and Walmart. The goal of the study: to assess the value of mobile in the overall marketing mix and to help marketers use mobile more effectively to drive their business goals.

It’s surprising in our mobile-focused world to hear that brand marketers are still struggling to determine where mobile fits in their cross marketing mix. This study aims to address this struggle by providing case studies, data, and evidence to show marketers why mobile needs to be a significant part of their overall marketing spend. 

Here are a few highlights from the event and the report:

In general, where brand marketers are falling behind is in their ability to analyze how mobile interacts with other media channels and optimize their budgets to take full advantage of mobile. The need for a sophisticated mobile analytics and marketing platform that ties their campaigns back to revenue goals is more important than ever and will impact budget allocation when evaluating overall marketing spend.

One simple way to add mobile to the mix is by optimizing your current marketing campaigns. Walmart shared a great example of this when they used creative from an ad aired on cable TV and turned it into a mobile video. What happened? Without developing any new creative the performance of the ad skyrocketed by simply leveraging mobile. Not only did the performance of the ad increase but, they noticed people were far more attentive to the ad on mobile versus TV and as a result delivered direct ROI.  


After hearing how top brands are leveraging mobile in their marketing campaigns,  one thing's for sure, mobile is transforming businesses of all kinds and is the key to marketing success in this generation.

Check out more of this data and full case studies from Walmart, Coca Cola, and Mastercard to understand how mobile can impact your business.

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