Measuring the Impact of Ads on User Behavior

June 2, 2016

Evan FP

For as long as there have been mobile ads, designers and product managers have been critical of their effect on user experience. Chief among their concerns has been a negative impact on retention in the case of interstitials and cannibalization of IAP revenue in the case of rewarded video. There’s been no shortage of arguments both for and against ad-based monetization, with networks themselves investing significant resources into dispelling the myth of a negative correlation between ad impressions and LTV. Recent research has in-fact suggested that ads are how users prefer to pay for their experience.

In our years spent building the tools that help make good apps great, we’ve learned that every title is unique and merits a pragmatic answer to the question of how ads affect its users. Until recently, that’s been a challenge few publishers have been able to meet.

At Upsight, we’re proud to offer the tools needed to put this debate to bed. While we’ve always provided industry-leading analytics and data-visualization tools, the addition of our new ad mediation service means our clients now have everything they need to definitively answer the question, “How are ads affecting user behavior?” Whether it’s a correlation between interstitial impressions and retention, or rewarded impressions versus ARPDAU, the ability to collect custom metrics and ad mediation data in the same dashboard is putting our clients ahead of their competition.

Upsight_Dashboard-2.pngTo learn more about how analytics and mediation can work in concert, contact your customer success manager. 

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