Launching the Next Generation of Upsight DataMine

December 4, 2014

Laura Perez


Today we're excited to roll out the next generation of Upsight DataMine. Not only is our new mobile business intelligence platform 2x faster, but we added a number of new capabilities to help data analysts and marketers better connect their data across multiple channels - including mobile, online and real-world. 

The reality today's marketers have to face is that their customers aren't siloed in one marketing channel anymore. How your customers behave online and in-stores significantly impacts your mobile strategy, so it's more important than ever to get a clear picture of your user across many channels and use those insights to optimize marketing campaigns. 

The updates we're rolling out today address these challenges and aim to break down the performance barriers enterprises face with some of the more traditional BI systems on the market.

New Performance Upgrades to DataMine Include:

  • Double the Speed - queries return results 2x faster, shortening the time from exploration to insights.
  • Ingest More Data - combine data from online and real world channels with mobile data to better understand customers.
  • Export Data Faster - through an API or CSV export, DataMine pairs with existing business intelligence solutions for easy data visualization.
  • Launch Impactful Marketing Campaigns - act on data-driven insights by launching in-app and push marketing campaigns with Upsight and leverage existing providers for traditional email campaigns.
  • Dedicated and Shared Access Options - enterprises can choose what level of performance they want, with shared resource and dedicated hardware options available. Enterprises can build completely customized plans, determining exactly how many concurrent and scheduled queries they need. 

Hear what Josh Williams, Upsight CTO and Chairman, has to say on today's news: 

“As mobile continues to be a critical source of revenue growth for enterprises, it is becoming increasingly challenging to marry the complex characteristics of this channel with traditional data systems built to handle online and offline data. We upgraded DataMine to address this challenge -- helping the enterprise connect multi-channel data sources and build a complete understanding of their customer, so they can quickly adapt to ever-changing user behaviors.”

Learn more about all the new features here or request a demo...we'd love to take you for a spin through all the new features! 

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