July Workflow Upgrades

July 13, 2016


Our product team has been hard at work developing a number of incremental workflow improvements across the Upsight platform. This month we’re releasing improvements to DataMine, custom dashboards, and advanced metric settings that will empower everyone on your team to gain the insights they need to positively impact your portfolio’s KPIs. Here’s what we’re shipping this month:

DataMine Upgrades

Analysts and data-driven marketers will be happy to know that Upsight’s DataMine has received a few powerful and intuitive upgrades. First, the query interface now supports manual and automatic auto completion, which can be toggled via the settings menu.


All queries that are executed in DataMine are also now tracked in org-specific execution histories. These histories track who in your organization ran the query, when they ran it, whether it was completed or not, and how long it took. Access to the history is completely permission-based, and can be adjusted by your organization’s admin.

Interesting Segments in Custom Dashboards

Fans of Upsight’s Interesting Segment Finder will now be able to include interesting segments and their associated metrics in their custom dashboards. Combined with scheduled dashboard updates via e-mail, this allows all stakeholders to receive daily updates on who the outliers in their portfolio are, and how they’re behaving.


Chart Time Override

Now when configuring dashboard charts, Upsight users can have individual charts display different date ranges. This is a more powerful version of the “N-Day Ago” comparison criteria within a chart. Now a whole chart, with features such as “Split By” enabled, can be offset from the overall dashboard date range, or support a larger/smaller date range.


We’re constantly looking for ways to make Upsight the best possible solution for our enterprise partners. For more information on how and when you can access these new features, contact your dedicated customer success manager.

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