Introducing: Video Campaigns

November 3, 2016


The digital world runs on video. Modern users expect premium communications wherever possible and they won’t waste time or attention on anything less. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Upsight customers can now leverage videos in their in-app marketing.


To get started with video campaigns, contact your dedicated customer success manager. Once they've been enabled for your organization, creating video campaigns is easy. Simply navigate to the marketing section of your dashboard, create a new campaign, and choose from one of the four video-enabled campaign types:

    • Cross Promotion
    • In-App Purchase Offers
    • Announcements
    • Rewards

Once selected, toggle your campaign from static to video, upload your file, and start customizing your campaign.


Upsight video campaigns are highly flexible. They can include opt-in prompts before the video and confirmation messages afterwards. Administrators can also customize whether or not the video is skippable and what action to take if the video is skipped or completed. Video campaigns can feature a number of different calls-to-action, including simple button overlays or fully customized end-cards. All CTAs can direct users wherever you choose including external URLs and store pages.

Just like static campaigns, video campaigns can be localized and used in A/B tests to maximize their efficacy. Select Upsight customers have already started putting video campaigns to great use. Publishers from all verticals can now leverage their own in-app advertising videos for internal cross promotion or even foster brand engagement with external, non-app properties.

To start exploring video campaigns in your organization's Upsight dashboard, contact your dedicated customer success manager today.

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