Introducing the Radically New Upsight Marketing

February 19, 2015

Brian Howell

user_explorer_launchToday, we're excited to roll out the entirely new Upsight Marketing platform. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Upsight Marketing was built to handle the complexity of mobile data and the sophistication of modern mobile marketing strategies. What resulted was a radical simplification of traditional mobile marketing workflows - built to make running data-driven marketing campaigns easier than ever.

The reality that mobile marketers face today is ballooning mobile user growth and rapidly expanding app portfolios. Traditional mobile marketing solutions weren’t built to handle the data load of exponential user growth or the complexities of marketing across multiple apps.

Today’s launch addresses these challenges, aiming to give marketers the tools they need to easily create and optimize data-driven mobile marketing campaigns. With the new Upsight Marketing, built on Upsight’s enterprise-grade data back end, mobile marketers can:

  • Dynamically Explore Users in an intuitive interface that merges user discovery and segmentation like no other platform today. Marketers can explore user attributes, such as Last Session Date and Amount Spent, and refine user segments by simply clicking on and editing data directly from any chart on the dashboard. Selections immediately change the segment size and characteristics – at any point segments are available for marketing campaigns and for future targeting.
  • Build Meaningful User Segments with a unique combination of visual exploration and precise controls that mobile marketers can use to identify user segments, accurately approximate their size, and save for use in their marketing campaigns.
  • Create Powerful Cross-App Campaigns with a new campaign engine that can run campaigns to one app or across an entire portfolio of apps and platforms.
  • Run A/B Tests to easily test multiple marketing campaigns before deploying the winner across an entire user segment.
  • Localize Marketing and improve campaign performance by presenting users with marketing campaigns in the language that they prefer.

You can learn all about the new features here. If you’d like one of our mobile marketing experts to take you for a custom spin, you can request a demo as well.

Check out a quick video introducing the all-new Upsight Marketing platform.


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