Industry News Roundup…Hut, Hut, (Mobile) Hike!

February 6, 2015

Britt Buckingham

football-on-a-field-2000In this week’s mobile industry news roundup, read why mobile was all the buzz during the Super Bowl, how come some companies saw their search rankings lower and what’s behind mobile data traffic growth.

Mobile Gaming Ads Took Over The Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl ad’s had plenty of the expected: from Budweiser (that puppy!) to BMW (that sweet new car!) but there was also an unexpected player in the space -- mobile gaming. Three mobile gaming publishers debuted their ads during the big game including: Clash of Clans, Game of War, and Heroes Charge. With around $4.5 million per ad, a total of close to $15 million dollars was spent on advertising mobile games this year. So far, these campaigns are proving to increase user acquisition but will they acquire enough engaged and loyal users to show an ROI in the long-run? Time will tell.

As you think about running your next ad or marketing campaign, here are 3 tips and tricks to help you increase engagement and monetization in your mobile app.

Google Continues to Warn Non-Mobile Friendly Sites

For the past week site owners have reported shifts in mobile search rankings, which is believed to be the result of a new Google algorithm update. In November 2014, Google warned site owners that their search rankings might be lowered if their site isn’t optimized for mobile. They also introduced the addition of “mobile friendly” tags to site that were correctly optimized for mobile. So, how do you get one of these tags? Your site must pass Google’s mobile-friendly criteria.

Google search rank still not enough to convince you to make the jump to mobile? Maybe we can help, read 5 Reasons you Must Optimize for Mobile

Mobile Data Traffic to Grow 59% in 2015

What’s driving this growth? This week, Gartner announced, the key driver of data growth on a global scale is mobile apps. They explained that in order to increase and retain customers, communication service providers and app developers will need to harness this growth in a few different ways. Services providers will need to create richer, more immersive and more personalized experiences and app developers will need to sharpen their focus on the marketing and transparency of their apps.

Download our whitepaper, 7 Tips for Turning Big Data into Smart Data, to learn some best practices for using data to improve the mobile app experience.

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