In-App Messages: What & Why?

January 28, 2015

Brian Howell

health-appsPeople clearly love mobile apps. According to Nielsen, Americans age 18 and up spend over 43 hours per month in the apps on their phones, with the the vast majority of time spent in fewer than 10 apps. So, as a mobile marketer, what are some tactics that you can employ to keep customers using your app?

Top grossing mobile app developers have, for years, deployed sophisticated, precisely targeted in-app messaging campaigns to engage and delight their best customers. This is the first in a new series of blog posts where will you learn more about in-app messaging, from common best practices to some sophisticated tactics that will help you improve your marketing ROI.

What are in-app messages?

In-app messages are notifications delivered to your mobile app’s users while they are using it. Typically, these messages take one of two forms:

  • Full-Screen: Usually an image that takes over the entire screen and typically features a call to action. Below is a full-screen message from the popular game Trivia Crack. You’ll notice that the call to action directs users to Facebook to request more lives.
  • Pop-up Notification: Similar in size to a typical mobile banner ad, these notifications frequently convey information and may contain a call to action.

Why do apps use in-app messages?

Typically, mobile marketers use in-app messages to drive key metrics for which they are responsible, like in-app purchase revenue, user engagement, and user retention. These messages are generally rolled out as part of campaigns designed to improve these metrics. Often, the messages are combined with other mobile marketing tactics like push notifications to improve their effectiveness.

Looking to incorporate in-app messages into your mobile marketing? Stay tuned to our series on in-app messages, you’ll see these posts coming soon:

  • What & Why? 
  • Tips & Tricks to Getting Started 
  • Tactics to Improve In-App Purchase Revenue 
  • Example Campaigns to Improve In-App Revenue
  • Using Rewards to Improve Loyalty 
  • Plus more!


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