Increasing Conversion With User Experience Management

May 19, 2016

Evan FP

App publishing veterans have learned that a low conversion rate is the first sign your freemium app is in trouble. It’s one of the most telling KPIs available and should be a top priority for anyone tasked with boosting performance across a digital portfolio.

One of the best solutions in any digital marketer’s toolbox is the ability to deliver dynamic experiences based on user behavior. Combined with robust segmentation tools and harmonious messaging, user experience management can deliver the right offers to the right users and improve metrics beyond the limits of static merchandising.




User experience strategies can be be applied to any number of KPI targets, but here’s a hypothetical application for improving conversion:

David uses a content delivery app that lets users purchase credits through IAPs, but he prefers to watch rewarded ads in exchange for credits instead. David uses the app regularly but has never converted.

While David’s ad views do generate revenue for the app’s publisher, it doesn’t provide as much value as an IAP. The app’s marketing team decides to leverage user experience management to launch a dynamic merchandising campaign designed to convert non-paying users before driving up-sell. The campaign eventually delivers a balance of both ads and IAPs after users have reached a target LTV.

When David starts his next session, his behavioral attributes land him in three segments: Engaged Users, Credit Collectors, and Non-Spenders. The marketing team has assigned each of these segments one or more unique user experiences, each with a priority designed to move David through the pipeline towards a higher LTV:

Conversion Offer (Priority 1): A drastic, 75% discount for first-time buyers.

High Discount Offers (Priority 2): Offers for up to 50% off IAPs.

50-50 Ads & Offers (Priority 3): Equal parts rewarded ads and small IAP discounts.

While David’s behavior makes him eligible for all three experiences, the conversion offer is sorted to the top based on its priority and delivered to the app running on David’s device. Its unique set of managed variables is handled by the client to deliver a 75% discount on David’s first IAP. As a result, conversion increases among players like David, and they advance to the next stage of the merchandising funnel.

There are limitless applications of user experience management for anyone with a digital product in their portfolio. At Upsight, we provide the tools and resources to make these kinds of initiatives easy and effective. To learn more, speak with your Customer Success Manager.

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