How Upsight's Customer Success Managers Add Value To Your Enterprise

June 30, 2016

Evan FP

We’ve built Upsight to handle the challenges of sophisticated digital enterprises.

Our infrastructure is designed to scale as your portfolio grows, funneling billions of data points into bespoke dashboards that deliver actionable insights, enabling your team to execute informed marketing initiatives. Like your enterprise, our system has a lot of moving parts, which is why we employ our talented team of Customer Success Managers (CSMs). In addition to being your go-to for any Upsight related questions or concerns, our CSMs represent some of the best and brightest minds in user lifecycle management today, hailing from a diverse range of professional backgrounds and verticals. As an Upsight client, their job is to add value to your business. Here’s how:

Understanding Your Business

A CSM’s first priority is always to understand the challenges and subtleties of your unique organization. How does your team define success? What are the steps to achieve it? For many digital professionals, it’s a question they’ve spent years learning how to answer, and not something that can be learned overnight. Our CSMs are committed to the long-term success of our clients, which means nurturing relationships and taking the time to learn the most effective ways to tackle industry-specific challenges, all the while ensuring you get the most out of the Upsight toolset.

Building Your Dashboards

Part of knowing your business is knowing who’s involved, what roles they play, and what information they need to do their job effectively. Upsight lets you create and delegate unlimited custom dashboards to deliver the metrics that keep your organization on-track and accountable. CSMs guide you through using tools like Metric Explorer to extract the most valuable information and put it in front of the team members it will benefit most. During integration, your CSM works with you side-by-side, building out a complete implementation that meets your needs and the needs of your team. Following setup, they’ll help you make regular iterations to find opportunities that increase transparency and enable effective collaboration across teams.

Keeping You Current

We’re constantly rolling out new features to give our clients the competitive edge they need to succeed. CSMs are always on the lookout for opportunities to apply Upsight’s latest tools and functionality to the problems our clients face every day. We pride ourselves on working proactively to anticipate the needs of your business, made possible by our commitment to understanding. Every CSM is trained on our new features before they’re rolled out, so they’re always equipped to answer your questions and bring you new opportunities for strategic innovation, before your competition.

We’re proud to offer expert one-to-one service. It’s part of what continues to make Upsight the right choice for digital enterprises around the world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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