GDC 2016: Get some face time with the Upsight team

March 4, 2016

Diana Aquino

The countdown to GDC is underway, are you ready? Pack your converse and zip-up hoodie, be prepared for no sleep, and severe liver damage.

Everyone in the gaming industry knows GDC is like our Super Bowl. With over 26K attendees, including top publishers, as well as and many of the industry’s up and comers, there’s no doubt the streets of San Fran will be flooded with badge-wearing gaming professionals. 

With the acquisition of Fuse Powered now complete, Upsight is now the only platform to deliver on the promise of sending the right offer, to the right player, at the right time.  

This year, it’s our pleasure to host meetings with existing partners, in addition to meeting with new partners, in our private suites at The St. Regis. We’re excited to showcase our platform and its many new features, including: 

  • Powerful analytics including custom metrics, custom dashboards, and custom queries
  • Custom events
  • Managed variables and user experiences
  • Marketing automation including announcements, cross promotions, virtual good promotions, and push notifications)
  • Rewarded and non-rewarded video

Schedule some face time and let us show you how you can leverage our platform to analyze, segment and deliver the right offer, to the right players, at the right time.

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Check out a prime example of how one partner leveraged Upsight rewarded video and saw a 78% surge in ARPDAU.

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