Forrester’s 2015 Mobile Outlook: Don’t Be the Lone Mobile Straggler

November 12, 2014

Laura Perez


We may have blocked this out of our minds, but it’s funny to think that just a few years ago most business leaders were skeptical about the future of social as a customer engagement outlet.

Twitter was thought of as just a flash in the pan, a place for “kids” to overshare seemingly insignificant details about their lives. But, once early adopting businesses started using the social channel to understand and engage customers, the broader business community started to understand its potential.

Looking at mobile, we see history repeating itself. Companies that listen and understand what their customers’ mobile preferences and behaviors are recognize the enormous opportunity that this insight offers them.

Companies that embrace mobile are outpacing the competition and are poised to take advantage of this huge opportunity. As Forrester notes in its  2015 Mobile Predictions Report, “marketing leaders who have embraced the mobile mind shift will accelerate spending to create an insurmountable gap between themselves — the industry leaders — and the laggards who view mobile as just another channel.”

So, what’s in store for 2015?

Forrester believes that the new competitive battleground will be the mobile moment. Consumers expect their experience with an app to be convenient, immediate and in context of their daily lives. Today, 18% of US online consumers have this expectation, while 30% are in the midst of a transition to this mind shift.

In 2015, forward-looking marketers will start to fully understand the need to re-architect the relationship they have with customers on mobile. Here are the top 10 predictions Forrester has for mobile in 2015 (download the full report for more detail):

  1. Mobile will fuel a massive technology and spending arms race
  2. Re-engineering organizations and processes for mobile will take priority
  3. Mobile-enabled business models will disrupt the value chains of entire industries
  4. Mobile innovation will accelerate in emerging markets
  5. Business and technology strategies will shift from apps to experiences
  6. Mobile advertising will start breaking its desktop shackles
  7. Branded content platforms will start to emerge in mobile
  8. Mobile moments will shrink to micro moments
  9. Mobile privacy is the next differentiator for mobile experiences
  10. Apple will boost the mobile wallet and contactless ecosystem

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