Flexible In-App Messaging Has Arrived

September 13, 2017


Heads up, mobile marketers. Our new flexible in-app messaging tools have unlocked a world of possibilities for you and your team.

We’re thrilled to not only announce a dramatic upgrade to our overall marketing flexibility, but also the release of multiple new turnkey solutions that marketers can leverage in their live service, engagement, and monetization efforts. Combined, these changes represent the latest in our long-term commitment to providing mobile marketing professionals with the most effective tools for building personal, profitable relationships with their customers.


The Shift to Layouts

Existing Upsight marketers will know that our engagement and monetization tools have, up until now, been organized according to their intended outcome. Messaging tools like rewards, internal cross promotions and virtual goods promotions offered flexibility in their targeted delivery but were rigid in end-goal functionality and user experience.

We’re pleased to now offer our customers universally flexible in-app messaging that can be purposed to solve any mobile marketing challenge. Additionally, in-app messages are no longer limited to single calls-to-action, and can instead be configured to deliver any combination of outcomes within a single layout. This shift affords marketers exponentially greater freedom when deciding how best to tackle the unique and evolving challenges of user engagement, monetization, and live service marketing.

With this change in place, the process of creating an in-app message in Upsight now begins with the selection of a layout rather than a desired outcome. When it comes to choosing a messaging layout, however, Upsight marketers can now enjoy more freedom than ever before.


Flexible In-App Messages

We’ve brought the power and creative liberty of web design to the world of in-app messaging. Our new flexible messaging tools allow customers to work directly with their dedicated customer success managers to combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create custom templates that marketing teams can leverage in their day-to-day activities.

After working with your CSM to create your custom messaging templates, marketers can re-use them these templates and enter parameters via your Upsight dashboard. We’ve even made the full Upsight SDK API accessible, allowing any in-app message to record and/or update any custom fields or value.

Upsight users looking to get the ball rolling with custom campaigns can get in touch with their customer success manager. For those looking to roll up their sleeves and get started sooner, we’ve built multiple new layouts that marketers can take advantage of immediately. They include:



Simple, intuitive, and effective: full screen interstitial messages are the workhorse of in-app marketing. They offer the agility needed to quickly impact any key performance metric without the complexity of more sophisticated layouts. Use interstitials for any marketing task, including forced updates for users running outdated app versions, cross promoting throughout your portfolio, or highlighting the latest sale in your IAP store. No matter what your goal, interstitial messages make it fast and easy to hit your targets.

Interstitial_DeviceMockup_Landscape (1).png

We've also layered in the ability to define "hot spots" within your interstitial messages. Empower your designers to develop marketing interfaces holistically, with calls-to-action baked right in. Hot spot interstitials let marketers upload images, define trigger areas, and assign functionality all directly within Upsight. The result is a cohesive promotional experience that feels native to your app’s aesthetic. Multiple CTAs with discrete outcomes mean your team can offer users meaningful choices, pursue multiple goals, and analyze results on a per CTA basis in order to optimize their next iteration.

HotSpot_DeviceMockup_Landscape (3).png

StorefrontCampaign_DeviceMockup (1).png


Storefronts add fullscreen, portal-style promotional interfaces to your marketing toolbox. Combine banners, bricks, and tiles to construct intuitive value hubs for users to explore. With complete control over every element’s functionality, marketers are free to get creative with their implementations. Build anything from a simple “More Games” widget to a fully merchandised IAP store. Upsight’s best-in-class personalization capabilities ensure you’re able to surface the content most relevant to each of your unique user segments.



Engage your users with elegant, intuitive pop-ups. Our templated design lets marketers deliver messages that resonate while prioritizing navigability. Customize every aspect of your delivery including background and font color, heading, body copy, calls-to-action, and featured image. Their modular nature make pop-ups an effective, lightweight solution that marketers can use to affect change without necessitating additional work from their creative department.

PopUps_DeviceMockup_Landscape (2).png

The freedom to combine any functional outcome with custom marketing layouts opens up a world of opportunity for those tasked with finding creative solutions to mobile marketing problems, and we’re proud to be providing the foundation for these new and exciting initiatives. We’re confident that our customers will not be disappointed with the results.

To learn more, contact your dedicated customer success manager, or click below to request a personalized demo.



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