Decoding Mobile Games Industry Consolidation

September 11, 2014

Laura Perez


At Casual Connect USA taking place in our hometown once again this year, Upsight’s CEO Andy Yang talked about consolidation in the mobile games industry – why this is happening, what actions are being taken, and what this means for the future of the games industry.

When Kontagent and PlayHaven merged in December 2013, we were solving a specific problem we heard over and over from our customers – “I have too many SDKs in my game and my data isn’t working together.” This was the impetus of our merger, and we’re seeing this trend both in the mobile services space with mobile analytics and marketing tools providers and with mobile game developers.

Extreme fragmentation in mobile games is leading to inevitable consolidation. In this video, Andy sheds light on why consolidation is becoming a significant trend, how it will benefit the industry in the next 3-5 years and provides strategies for developers to navigate the current market.



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