Custom Chart Visualizations

June 9, 2016

Evan FP

It’s no secret: we’re passionate about data visualization. It’s been in our DNA from the very start, and it’s that passion that has motivated us to build the dynamic tools our partners use to succeed. It’s also why we're thrilled to announce a new feature that’s going to make our dashboards more flexible than ever before.

We want to empower our partners to design visually intuitive dashboards tailored for their business, and we know that there are some outstanding visualization libraries out there. That’s why, as of our most recent update, you’re free to create custom chart types that sit alongside your current Upsight charts.

You can access this feature through a new administrative interface where you’re free to create and edit custom chart types, name your creations, add your own icons, code the javascript, and link to external charting libraries. You can even create metadata objects to capture things like color, label names, or integers used as parameters for your code.



Once a new chart type has been defined and published, it's available for you and your team to add charts to your dashboards. You'll see your custom charts alongside the standard Upsight chart types:




Apply any metric to your custom chart and choose an appropriate plot dimension. This example shows a world map with installs plotted by country:




We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with. To learn more about how you can start working with custom chart visualizations, contact your customer success manager.

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