Case Study: Upsight Ad Mediation Boosts Ad ARPDAU 46%

March 4, 2016

Diana Aquino


A year after its release, Hutch was looking for ways of improving overall revenue in MMX Racing while offloading ad monetization to free up internal resources for game development. They were managing rewarded and non-rewarded ad placements with a variety of ad networks, adjusting their waterfalls based on daily performance, and keeping up with multiple SDK update cycles. When it came time to implement a strict blacklist, Hutch had to manage individual blacklists with every network and confirm they were all being adhered to. As time and resource costs increased, they pursued a new solution.


Hutch integrated the Upsight Ad Mediation SDK and replaced all their existing ad placements with Upsight Ad Mediation rewarded video and non-rewarded interstitials. The same ad networks were used as before but this time inside a single Upsight Ad Mediation SDK leveraging Upsight’s optimization algorithm and technology. The Upsight ad operations team handled the account set up with all the ad networks, daily performance optimization, and rigorous blacklisting across all networks on their behalf.


After integrating the single Upsight Ad Mediation SDK, MMX Racing’s ad ARPDAU soared 46% over their previous solution. Ad ARPDAU increased from an average 1.81¢ to 2.64¢, while maintaining IAP ARPDAU. In addition to the increase in ad revenue, the Hutch team is now able to focus on game development without having to spend time or resources vetting new networks, managing ad waterfalls, receiving multiple checks or updating individual SDKs.


Key Take-Aways

  • Hutch integrated Upsight Ad Mediation as a single source ad monetization solution, after using conventional ad mediation for their rewarded and non-rewarded placements in MMX Racing
  • Upsight Ad Mediation delivered an ad ARPDAU increase of 46%, from an average of 1.81¢ to 2.64¢, climbing above 3¢ — all while maintaining IAP ARPDAU
  • All gains were achieved by optimizing the same ad networks within Upsight Ad Mediation and adhering to a strict campaign blacklist, managed by the Upsight team
  • By completing the single Upsight Ad Mediation SDK integration, Hutch was able to free up development resources while simultaneously offloading ad optimization to the Upsight team and increasing ad revenue 


"With Upsight Ad Mediation, I get higher ad revenue without the hassle of trying to manage individual ad networks so my team can focus on what they do best — making great games!"   Shaun Rutland, Founder, Hutch


Upsight takes all the headaches and hassle out of mediating multiple ad networks and takes care of maximizing ad revenue for you.

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