August Product Updates: 5 New Ways to Manage Your Data

September 2, 2016


With the end of summer in sight, we're rolling out a few helpful product updates that will make it even easier to parse your data and customize visualizations to suit your team's needs. Here's what we've been up to.

Interactive Legends

It can be difficult to parse charts with multiple series, especially if some of those series are disproportionately larger or smaller than others. With the addition of interactive legends, Upsight users can now toggle the display of a series on or off by clicking its associated color block in the legend. This means getting the insights you need faster, without having to alter your chart criteria. This new feature is available when using bar and line charts, with more charting enhancements planned for future release.



Custom Visualization Enhancements

After rolling out custom chart visualizations in June, we've been working hard to bring even greater flexibility to the tools that allow our clients full control over how their data is displayed. We're proud to announce that Upsight users are now able to include CSS styling rules for their custom chart visualizations directly within Upsight. No need to load rules in from third party hosting sites or manually apply them through Javascript. Just drop your styling rules directly into the custom CSS window and they'll be reflected when your custom visualizations are rendered.

In addition, to allow greater flexibility in collecting options from users when creating charts, Booleans and Enumerated Lists are now available as metadata types in addition to the previously supported Numbers, Strings and Colors.

Filter Translations

In the past, when using Custom Dashboards or Metric Explorer, campaigns and campaign types would be listed by their numerical ID as opposed to their proper names. As of the latest release, these have been replaced by names and campaign types, making it much easier for marketers and other non-technical users to filter their data effectively. 


Cents and Sub-Cents

ARPDAU, and potentially other metrics, report on low currency values where a value such as $0.04 doesn't provide enough information. Now, when creating a Calculated Series on a Composite Chart, or defining a Custom Metric, 'Currency - Cents' can be selected to report in cents and sub-cents such as 4.23¢.

Hiding Custom Attributes

As of our most recent release, Custom Attributes can now be hidden. Once an attribute is hidden it will no longer show up in User Explorer, or in the attribute list when making a Segment. Previously created segments will continue to have access to the attribute and function as if the attribute had not been hidden and can even be edited without issue. And just in case you have an accidentally named attribute but then accidentally hide the wrong one, unhiding is available in this release as well. 


We're always working to improve Upsight's core features and introduce new ones in the process. If you have any questions about these or any other features, feel free to contact our customer success team.

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