Standard Analytics Customers Can Now Request Attributed LTV

May 16, 2017


Lifetime value, which was formerly a discrete line item in all Upsight service agreements, can now be requested as part of our standard analytics offering. Existing customers interested in taking advantage of this new feature can contact their dedicated CSM to have it added to their dashboards. This exciting change is the result of some hard work from our dedicated team of data scientists and engineers, who have been able to dramatically streamline the LTV calculation process. Furthermore, thanks to Upsight’s flexible metric handling and data visualization capabilities, marketers can measure LTV across any standard dimension including country of origin or attribution source. The result is a graceful, lightweight BI solution that we’re thrilled to be offering to any new or current analytics customers.


LTV Chart.png


A big part of what makes this shift so exciting is the fact that lifetime value has traditionally been a significantly costly metric to calculate due to the sheer quantity and variety of variables involved. At an enterprise scale, the wealth of data necessitates dedicated labor and infrastructure. Adding attribution information to the mix introduces another layer of complexity and expense. Our professional services team has been able to reduce operational overhead for this metric by 97%, a savings that Upsight is thrilled to pass on to our customers.

Of all the metrics that help web and mobile marketing professionals do their jobs, LTV might just be the most valuable. It’s a versatile, north-star metric that informs almost every strategic decision, from user acquisition to team growth. As part of our choice to make LTV dramatically more affordable, we hope to empower teams from all verticals to make challenging, data-driven decisions with greater confidence. Here’s just a few ways marketers can start leveraging this feature today:

  • Consult attribution source LTV data when deciding how to spend your UA budget, knowing you’ll be getting the absolute highest possible ROI
  • Use country based LTV data to target your monetization campaigns at populations most likely to generate revenue
  • Prioritize localization of app updates and marketing campaigns according to which device languages are proven to be the most valuable


To learn more about how LTV can empower your marketing team, contact your dedicated customer success manager or click the button below to request a personalized demo.


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