A New Way To Reach Your Users

July 13, 2016

Evan FP

We’re proud to announce a new way for Upsight partners to reach their user base using Android push notifications. In addition to a few behind-the-scenes optimizations that will make these tools faster and more reliable, these upgrades will help our partners foster greater engagement across their user base. We’ve also made a few usability improvements to make scheduling and editing your notifications even easier.

Image Payloads For Android (Big Picture Support)

Upsight users can now make use of Android’s “Big Picture” push feature through Upsight to attach images to Android push notifications. Image payloads can be uploaded via the push campaign UI and will display on the receiving user’s lock screen and notifications menu. Get greater brand penetration by pairing your notifications with compelling image-based calls to action that reach users outside of your app. Users that haven’t updated to an app version that includes Upsight SDK 4.2 or later will still receive notifications, but won’t receive the attached images.


Keep an eye out for more improvements to the rest of Upsight’s data-driven marketing tools. For more information on any of these features, or to discuss what we have coming up in Q3, contact your dedicated customer success manager.

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