5 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

October 24, 2014

Laura Perez


Throughout the year, we’ve been keeping an eye on the most effective and creative ways to keep users engaged. We compiled five tips companies can user to better leverage the power of mobile to drive engagement and create a better app experience.

1) Get creative with the holidays and current events

We’re getting to that time of year again when somehow the holidays come steamrolling ahead. Product managers go into stealth mode planning for new app launches and marketers search for the best ways to market their apps to drive the greatest amount of engagement during the holiday season. When approaching engagement, think beyond the typical holidays promotions, and use geography to get creative with your promotional campaigns. Target users with content unique to their specific country. Send out messages celebrating holidays and traditions that are unique to their culture and use this time as an opportunity to personalize your content for your global audience.

2) Offer a discounted in-app purchase (IAP) starter pack early

Developers offering cheap IAP bundles early in their game’s lifespan and at launch when their users are most active are often the most successful at keeping their users playing. The key here to is to be mindful of where you place these IAP triggers in your game. Consider having them appear when users first open your game  and in other crucial locations where player frustration is high, such as after a user fails a level.

3) Time your push notifications wisely

Push notifications are an extremely powerful re-engagement tool. But when executed poorly, they can annoy users and turn them away from your game. When setting up your push notification campaigns, keep player convenience in mind. A common tactic used by many successful developers is to hold off on sending push notifications until the weekend. This ensures that users receiving your messages will likely be more receptive to them, as opposed to bombarding users during the week while they’re at work, school, or any other place where a notification will be viewed as a distraction. No one likes to receive a push notification in the middle of the night!

4) Balance ads with internal cross promotions

If you have a portfolio with multiple games and you’re also monetizing with ads, you want to strike a good balance between promoting your own apps and those from third-parties to your users. For instance, if you have a segment of high-spending users, you’d want to only promote your own set of games to them. Since they’re heavy monetizers, showing them ads from other developers would only increase the chances that they’ll leave your portfolio of apps (or, at the very least, generate less revenue for your business).

Conversely, for low and non-paying users, you’d actually want to increase the number of third-party game ads these users see. Since these users aren’t a significant monetization source, by showing them promotions from other developers you’ll at least be able to generate ad revenue off of them.

5) Create a loyalty program

Who doesn’t love getting rewarded for being a loyal user? We’ve seen developers get creative with the execution of loyalty programs using Upsight’s analytics and marketing tools to engage users in and out of the game. With our analytics and Opt-In Data Collection tool, you can target a defined segment of users and run a campaign to obtain their email addresses. From here, you can get even more innovative about the types of offers you send to them via email and throughout the game.

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