4 Creative Ways To Engage Users With In-App Video

December 15, 2016

Evan FP

Few things let digital publishers address their users more effectively than a well-made video. Whether it’s to promote a new app or address a community, videos pack lots of information into digestible, user-friendly chunks that get noticed. Though they can be more expensive than static ads to produce, video campaigns can be among the highest ROI projects any team undertakes, made more so by the possibilities available to modern digital marketing teams. With the recent release of Upsight’s video campaign tools, we thought we’d share a few creative ways for publishers to use in-app video to engage their users.

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Deliver Targeted Cross Promotions

While performance ad campaigns can certainly help keep your daily user count healthy, user acquisition is expensive. Not only is showing your own ads in your own apps free, it can yield some of the highest returns when combined with intelligent targeting.

For example: you’re launching a new app and you’re eager to start constructing a high-spending user profile. A video cross promotion campaign could be used to target high-spending users in other titles across your portfolio in an effort to move them into your new title. This would not only generate revenue, but also allow your marketing team to construct a persona faster and cheaper than if they had to rely on paid or even organic options. The resulting insights like “high-conversion among high-spend users” can be used to better inform your next round of campaigns.


Promote Non-App Properties

As the choice to leverage pre-existing brands continues to be one of the most effective strategies for success on mobile, the synergy between apps and their source properties will only become more relevant. In most cases, the source material is from a passive medium like TV. Driving engagement back to these passive brand properties has proven to be an effective method of fostering long-term user engagement.

This need not only extend to first-party shows, movies or music. Games industry leaders like Riot and Blizzard use video tools to drive traffic to community-made content to great effect. Fan-made media, which has the added benefits of being free and impartial, fosters the kind of communities that breed brand evangelists and lifelong customers.


Explain Your Updates

With all the hours of work that go into each of your updates, you owe it to your users (and yourself) to make sure they know what new features are available to them. The alternative is trusting that they’ll read the release notes, which might not be your best bet.

Most publishers would benefit from thinking about their apps as their own unique engagement funnels, with the narrow end leading to your latest features. By placing a milestone just after session start, you can be confident that 99% of your users will enter the first stages of the funnel, becoming both aware and informed and starting along the path to conversion. In our experience, this is crucial to retaining, engaging and monetizing an active user base.


Advertise Your IAPs

You don’t get what you don’t ask for. In-app video represents the greatest opportunity to leverage detailed, intuitive communications that demonstrate the value of IAPs within your app. Like a good tutorial, IAP ads should always work to dispel confusion surrounding what an IAP is and what it means for the user’s experience.  Use native UI and screen captured footage to accurately portray your app’s unique paid experience. Unlike static illustrations, videos allow for full-featured demonstrations that better equip your customers to make informed buying decisions.

Ads for IAPs should fit into your larger monetization strategy, targeting only users that have demonstrated willingness to engage with the features relevant to the IAP in question. Ideally, these would be highly granular and address unique aesthetics/functionalities related to every IAP available in your app.



While these few tips can help you get started, it’s far from an exhaustive list. Creative marketing and product managers are coming up with new uses for video every day. We hope this got you thinking, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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