3 Steps for Transforming Your Mobile Marketing Strategy to Increase Engagement

November 13, 2014

Britt Buckingham


Smartphones continue to change the game. Observing consumers to determine their behaviors and habits will show who they are, what makes them tick, and why they buy what they buy.

Data collection is important but means nothing unless that information is applied to a mobile marketing plan.

But where do you begin? Below we've outlined 3 easy steps to get started and begin increasing user engagement and monetization in your app.

  1. Analyze Customer Behavior. Take the time to understand who your target audiences are and focus marketing campaign towards them. Study your customers keenly to understand key patterns like time spent in your app, how often they’re coming back, how active they are inside the app, and their spending patterns. While each user will have unique characteristics, you will start to notice that these patterns can be grouped into user cohorts that you can then use to add relevancy to your users' in-app experience. An effective way to achieve this is to integrate an analytics system into your app, so you’re capturing this critical customer data.
  2. Get the right message to the right audience. As we mention above, your users all have unique characteristics, so a one size fits all mobile marketing strategy is the simplest recipe for turning away customers. One marketing message might appeal to some of your users while others want a completely different experience. You don’t want your users to stop opening your app or, worse, delete your app completely. You can avoid this by segmenting your users based on their behaviors and targeting them with a relevant and personalized experience.
  3. Make their lives easier or better. These days, the key to your customer’s heart is convenience and ease-of-use. The average consumer expects the apps they download to add some type of convenience or enjoyment to their daily lives. Smartphones are extremely personal and connected to your customers everyday lives, so rightfully so they are constantly thinking “how will this app my life easier, more enjoyable, more convenient.” It’s important to recognize this desire and frame your app experience so that it’s tailored to your customers’ needs.

Bonus tip: test, test and then do more testing! The beauty of mobile data and marketing technologies is the ability to test out campaigns, monitor results immediately, and refine your strategy.

Once your mobile data is collected, consider it a treasure map. Piecing the puzzle together and navigating the terrain is up to you. These simple tips will make the journey only that much smoother.

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