3 New Upsight Features That Will Save You Time Every Day

November 8, 2016

Evan FP

We’re always looking for ways to help our partners get more done in a day. To that effect, we’re rolling out three new time-saving features for anyone using Upsight to track their analytics, deliver push notifications, or manage their app settings.

Filter Real Time By Test Devices

Upsight users can now configure their Real Time event stream to only include data received from selected test devices. In the past, users would manually find and enter the SID or IDFV associated with their device. Now, you can quickly inspect events from selected devices without having to see all incoming Real Time traffic. Simply select your test devices from the drop down menu and the data will be filtered appropriately. No more manual ID tracking!



Push to Test Device Capability

Digital marketers will be happy to hear that they can now target specific registered test devices with their push campaigns, allowing teams to prototype faster and ensure notifications look and behave as intended before sending them out to end users. Where in the past users would upload a CSV of registered test devices, they can now simply pick “Test Device” when configuring the audience of their campaigns and select specific devices from the resulting drop down menu. Notifications will only be sent to devices selected, allowing for faster tests and more efficient campaign development.



Cloning Custom Attributes

Last on the list of efficiency improvements for this month is the ability to clone custom attributes across applications. Users can now minimize redundancy when creating app settings (i.e. custom attributes, milestones, etc...) by cloning existing settings from other applications within your organization.

Many of our partners utilize similar app settings across their portfolio. You may have Android and iOS versions of the same title, with both versions utilizing the same app settings. Instead of creating your app settings twice, you can now quickly duplicate your settings across multiple apps, saving even more time for teams with separate QA and production app versions for titles on multiple platforms.



The success of our customers is our top priority. Keep an eye out for even more improvements to the Upsight suite of solutions. If you have any questions about any of our new features, contact your dedicated customer success manager.

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