Upsight Unveils New DataMine as Enterprises Leverage Mobile Platforms to Capitalize on Mobile, Online, and Real-World Data Convergence

Dec 4, 2014 4:00:00 AM


Data analysts and digital marketers can now use multi-channel data to better understand users and improve business performance

SAN FRANCISCO – DECEMBER 4, 2014 – Upsight, the leading enterprise analytics and marketing platform for mobile apps, unveiled a major overhaul of Upsight DataMine, an enterprise-grade business intelligence platform. Now twice as fast, the next-generation cloud data mining solution empowers enterprises to understand user behaviors across any channel using internal and 3rd party data to improve user experiences and marketing campaign performance.

“As mobile continues to be a critical source of revenue growth for enterprises, it is becoming increasingly challenging to marry the complex characteristics of this channel with traditional data systems built to handle online and offline data,” said Josh Williams, Chairman and CTO of Upsight. “We upgraded DataMine to address this challenge -- helping the enterprise connect multi-channel data sources and build a complete understanding of their customer, so they can quickly adapt to ever-changing user behaviors.”

Enterprises are looking for a solution like Upsight DataMine to fill the gap where current analytics and business intelligence solutions are lacking in mobile. Since 2013, Upsight mobile revenue doubled as mobile businesses rapidly adopt enterprise mobile analytics and marketing solutions. In a recent review, one in four top grossing companies in the App Store use Upsight to power their in-app analytics and marketing.[1]

Enterprises Turn to Scalable Mobile Data Platforms to Combat Siloed Data Sources

A rise in valuable cross-channel customer data and the complexities posed by mobile data collection have made current data systems increasingly less effective for enterprises looking to conduct thorough data analysis. Users today are not stagnant. A user’s data may be fragmented across multiple devices and channels -- leaving important clues for analysts and marketers across a myriad of touchpoints like their smartphone, web browser, or even the point-of-sale terminal at a store. Without a solution to consolidate mobile data with online and real world data, CMOs are leaving real money on the table by continuing to invest in siloed data solutions that do not return a complete understanding of their customers through cross-channel data analysis.

Enterprises across all industries recognize the importance of mobile as customer engagement touch point, but they need a solution that can handle the complexities mobile data brings to their traditional analytics solutions. To make the most of user interactions across any channels, enterprises need a data solution that can:

  1. Consume data from multiple channels including mobile, social, online, and real-world
  2. Quickly return answers to queries of entire datasets, not sampled subsets of data
  3. Work with existing business intelligence solutions for easy data visualizations
  4. Integrate with tools like email and mobile messaging platforms, so marketers can effectively act on insights generated from data analysis

Next Generation of DataMine Delivers Faster Answers to Important Business Questions, Provides Easier Access to Actionable Insights

Upsight’s DataMine allows for the easy exploration of large volumes of data and accepts easy-to-write queries using SQL expressions. With the newly launched upgrades, DataMine now returns answers to these queries twice as fast, allowing for CMOs to get answers to critical business questions more quickly. With today’s launch, marketers can now use the power of DataMine to even better understand the performance of their user acquisition, engagement, retention, monetization and reactivation efforts. As a part of the new performance features, marketers can also take action on these insights, launching campaigns directly via Upsight’s mobile marketing offering or through connections to third party email vendors.

Offering a standard data visualization dashboard and the ability to create custom visualizations, DataMine makes it easy to share learnings across the organization. Additionally, if an enterprise uses additional software for visualization, DataMine offers the ability to export data for upload into existing solutions.

New Performance Upgrades to DataMine Include:

  • Double the Speed - queries return results 2x faster, shortening the time from exploration to insights.
  • Ingest More Data - combine data from online and real world channels with mobile data to better understand customers.
  • Export Data Faster - through an API or CSV export, DataMine pairs with existing business intelligence solutions for easy data visualization.
  • Launch Impactful Marketing Campaigns - act on data-driven insights by launching in-app and push marketing campaigns with Upsight and leverage existing providers for traditional email campaigns.
  • Dedicated and Shared Access Options - enterprises can choose what level of performance they want, with shared resource and dedicated hardware options available. Enterprises can build completely customized plans, determining exactly how many concurrent and scheduled queries they need.

 About Upsight

Upsight is one of the largest mobile analytics and marketing platforms in the world, handling more than 500 billion data points per month and used by thousands of apps worldwide to manage and optimize their mobile businesses.

Enterprises depend on Upsight’s reliable, flexible and scalable data platform to handle their large-scale ingestion, collection, processing and storage needs. This platform powers Upsight’s data-driven marketing tools, used to understand user behaviors and influence them with targeted in- and out-of-app engagement, retention, re-engagement and monetization campaigns.

  • Analytics: Upsight’s web interface consists of custom dashboards and enterprise grade access controls used by product managers, marketers and executives to establish key metrics and monitor business performance in real time.
  • DataMine: Beyond standard dashboards and reporting, business analysts and product teams rely on DataMine to further query raw data for valuable behavioral insights and to refine user segments for product and marketing purposes.
  • Marketing: A flexible suite of in-app and push messaging tools enables mobile marketers to take immediate action on insights provided by Upsight’s analytics and Data Mine tools, creating precisely targeted campaigns designed to encourage user engagement, retention, re-engagement and purchasing behaviors.

Upsight is widely adopted by a variety of mobile-focused businesses including established brands such as Warner Brothers, Viacom, and Turner, and game publishing powerhouses such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Glu Mobile and BigFish. Upsight is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit


[1] Apple App Store Top 100 Grossing Apps, December 2014.

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