Upsight Makes Geolocation Data Actionable, Launches Upsight Geo for Mobile Marketers to Improve Real-World Marketing Campaigns

Jul 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM


Mobile marketers use Upsight Geo, built on its mobile analytics and marketing platform, to pinpoint where users are in the real world and launch impactful marketing campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO – JULY 8, 2014 – Upsight, the most comprehensive mobile analytics and marketing platform, today launched its beta of Upsight Geo, a new solution to help mobile marketers discover where their users are in the real world and engage them with relevant campaigns.

According to a Forrester survey, 42% of mobile users expect a mobile app to be designed for their convenience. They also expect their apps to take advantage of mobile-specific features like location. Whether looking for the nearest coffee shop, attending a concert, or discovering a great deal from a nearby retailer, customers depend on their smartphones to make life easier. Every one of these mobile moments represents an opportunity to engage or monetize customers in the real world through offers, rewards and exclusive information.

Upsight Geo leverages a new capability of Upsight’s advanced analytics platform to identify where users are located when most engaged with an app — from frequent login locations to common purchase spots. Mobile marketers can then use this data to design engaging and effective mobile marketing campaigns targeted to specific user segments at precisely-defined locations.

“With more than 7 million users, Grindr manages one of the largest location-based social networks in the world,” said Matt Norris, Head of Product at Grindr. “We are using Upsight Geo to optimize our monetization efforts, connecting our users with relevant, hyper-local content from businesses in their own communities.”

“At Wyldfire, we’re always looking for new, inventive ways to bring our users closer to each other and build stronger connections,” said Brian Freeman, CEO of Wyldfire, a new social networking and dating app that helps women and men find, connect and build lasting relationships. “We’re incredibly excited to integrate Upsight into our marketing strategy, and leverage Upsight Geo to notify daters of our invite-only events, flash parties, and fun activities nearby. This will help drive offline engagement from our users in a way not seen before by a social dating network.”

Upsight Geo gives mobile marketers complete control over their campaigns, allowing them to target relevant messages to specific users. Using Upsight’s web-based marketing dashboard, mobile marketers now have the power to dynamically:

  • Learn Where Users Interact with an App - Use custom heat maps to identify where users are interacting with an app at important app events.
  • Create Custom Geo-fences: Define precise geographic boundaries that trigger marketing campaigns — they can span from continents down to individual buildings.
  • Target by User Actions and Characteristics- Engage users based on who they are and what they’ve done inside an app.
  • Automate Marketing Campaigns – Schedule follow-up push notifications to automatically re-engage users with content tailored to them hours or days later.
  • Control the User Experience – Create custom-branded marketing promotions, for specific dates or in perpetuity, with impression limits to help avoid message fatigue.

“With the unprecedented consumer adoption of smartphones, mobile-focused businesses are inundated with volumes of user data,” said Andy Yang, CEO of Upsight. “Upsight Geo makes geolocation data actionable, adding another targeting parameter to help mobile marketers deploy differentiated user experiences that can improve customer loyalty and revenue at the street level.”


Upsight Geo is available now in beta for iOS and Android developers. To learn more and to request an invite for the beta program, visit us at A live preview of the new solution will be showcased at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference in San Francisco on July 8-9.

About Upsight

Upsight’s mission is to transform the world’s data into valuable action. Mobile and social developers leverage Upsight’s comprehensive analytics and marketing platform to better understand user behavior, decide what it means, and act to impact their key business goals.

Formerly Kontagent+PlayHaven, Upsight now spans 25,400 apps, 700+ million monthly active users, 1.2+ billion devices, and 500+ billion in-app events each month.

Upsight is widely adopted by a variety of mobile-focused businesses including established brands such as Warner Brothers, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Turner, and game publishing powerhouses such as Glu, Electronic Arts, SEGA, and BigFish, as well as thousands of indie app developers.

Upsight is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please

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