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January 9, 2015

Britt Buckingham

newyears_blogAfter toasts and new year’s resolutions were made, the mobile industry hit the ground running this week ready to kick-off 2015. In this week’s industry roundup, read exciting predictions for the year, discover new ways for your brand to reach your mobile customer, and check-out the surprising focus at CES.

CES is not all about the shiny objects

This week the annual Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas and the focus was on more than just connecting new cool gadgets (insert Petcube) to the internet, but on the opportunity the data collected by these devices provides. Shawn DuBravac, chief economist of the Consumer Electronics Association, kicked off the show with a pre-CES presentation highlighting the current trends and big data was at the center of it all.

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 Are you fully mobile ready?

Forrester estimates less than 4% of businesses are ready to take advantage of the full opportunity presented by mobile. Their report explains, clients are still cramming PC experiences onto phones when they should be thinking in terms of mobile moments. The new year is a great time to transform your mobile strategy, here are a few tips to get you started.

 Find the way to your customer’s smartphone

Keeping your brand top of mind is key to a successful business, but figuring out innovative ways to do so can be tough. Glen L. Urban, a marketing professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, explains that creating “benevolent apps” is a new way to economic success. He says the idea is to build an app not to sell products or services, but to instead to create an app that builds trust and relationships with your consumer.

As you think about your customer’s journey in your app this year, be sure that you don’t build blind. Here are 5 lessons to help you create valuable and loyal users in your mobile app.

 Mobile trends to look out for this year

In 2015, more industries than ever will embrace mobile to make consumers lives easier. MEF’s Global Chair, explains, “in 2015 the dynamic mobile ecosystem will see vertical sectors like health, automotive and home automation fully embrace mobile innovation.” He explains that the evolution is going to continue to be driven by adoption of smartphones, consumer desire and business innovation. Read more of MEF’s 2015 mobile predictions here.

 Upsight wishes you a successful start to 2015!

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