The 4 MGF 2017 Presentations You Can't Afford To Miss

January 12, 2017

Evan FP

The Mobile Games Forum events have been a mainstay of the industry for years, and we couldn’t be happier to be sponsoring this year’s London event. We're most excited for the fantastic panels and presentations the organizers have assembled this year. We've scoured the agenda and picked out the 4 presentations you can't afford to sleep through.

1. Leading From the Front: Expanding Your Games Portfolio with eSports

Ryan Chaply, eSports Program Manager, Twitch - @RChaply

Jan. 17th, 12:10 PM - Black Room

What’s Promised:

  • An exclusive case study examining the success of Vainglory and the wider impact of eSports within mobile
  • Expand your concept of multiplayer and content delivery through eSports, what can mobile learn from successful eSports releases?

Why It Matters: The arrival of eSports irrevocably impacted every part of the games business. In the months leading up to its release in Nov. 2014, the makers of Vainglory set out to prove that the paradigm shift was equally applicable to mobile. More than two years later, Vainglory is one of the most widely streamed games on Twitch and enjoys a passionate community that fuels growth. Expect this talk from Twitch staffer Ryan Chaply to include rarified insights from the vanguard of the eSports industry. Any publishers looking to replicate Vainglory’s success would do well to attend.

2. Innovative Thinking in Mobile Gaming with eSports and Beyond

Tony Yang, Product Director, eSports Initiative, Space Ape - @SpaceApeGames

Jan. 17th, 1:10 PM - Black Room

What’s Promised:

  • Assessing the current landscape of eSports within mobile games
  • Identifying the key challenges faced from gameplay and design perspectives
  • Creating solutions to support best practice for community building
  • Examination of the success that Space Ape has achieved in the build and battle genre

Why It Matters: There’s no shortage of headlines to suggest that Space Ape know a thing or two about commercially successful mobile games. While the first talk on our list offers a unique industry perspective on audience engagement, expect this one to include hard-won tips and tricks from the trenches of design, development and support. Yang’s impressive resume includes senior product management positions at mobile gaming institutions like Zynga and Mind Candy, granting him a uniquely well rounded perspective on the state of mobile as it relates to the growing eSports industry.

3. Attribution and Analytics Panel: It’s all About the Data!

Des Gayle, Founder, Altered Gene - @Altered_Gene

Michael Putz, Founder and CEO, BONGFISH - @Bongfish

Speaker to be announced, Kochava - @Kochavamobile

Jan. 17th, 3:20 PM - Black Room

What’s Promised:

  • The proof is in the pudding! Gain insight from the experts and ensure you know what is needed to deliver higher revenue return from your marketing analytics
  • Examine how to transform your marketing through enhanced attribution strategies
  • Assess the impact of your marketing channels with a focus on results through data tracking techniques
  • Identify your niche high revenue generation customers and cater tailored marketing opportunities to better capture their user experience preferences
  • Explore innovative ways to direct traffic and maximise high value segmentation strategies across all campaigns

Why It Matters: As data nerds you might think our bias is showing a little with this one, but you can’t argue with the fundamental best practices that Kochava and their guests are espousing. As a fellow analytics and integrated marketing provider, we can confirm the importance of segmentation and targeted campaigns when it comes to building an optimized mobile gaming portfolio. Expect both indie studios to present hard campaign revenue numbers you can use to help forecast your next round of in-app marketing campaigns.

4. Closing Panel: Defining the Future of Mobile Gaming

Jan 18th, 3:45 PM

Salone Sehgal, Co-Founder, CEO, Truly Social - @SaloneSehgal

Kyu Lee, President, GAMEVIL USA - @Kyuclee

Fawzi Mesmar, Studio Game Design Director, KING - @FawziMesmar

Colin Macdonald, Games Commissioner, Channel 4 & Head of All 4 Games - @ScottishColin

What’s Promised:

  • Is the current industry landscape here to stay in terms of revenue distribution and market saturation?
  • AR/VR/eSports – are these disruptive technologies and approaches set to be successes or flashes in the pan?
  • As an industry, how do we continue to foster innovation to overcome potential stagnation?
  • How do we capitalise on the emerging growing markets across the world?
  • What are we expecting the fallout from “Brexit” to be on the mobile gaming market in Europe and beyond?
  • What are funders and investors expecting to see for 2017 (and beyond) plans for success?
  • What do we expect to be talking about at MGF London 2018?

Why It Matters: With plenty of credible pundits proclaiming the death of the app in 2016, mobile game publishers would benefit from a little context. The majority of mobile revenue generated worldwide still comes from gaming by a wide margin, but there are changes on the horizon. As a forecasting exercise, this panel’s value lies in the contrasting backgrounds of its participants. From App Store royalty like KING to mobile gaming startups, attendees can expect a well balanced collection of views from fatalistic to optimistic.


On top of these great talks, the Upsight team will be out in force, ready to help you learn more about products and services that make us the enterprise gaming world’s most comprehensive user lifecycle management platform. If you’d like to meet with our team at MGF or any of this year’s events, feel free to get in touch.

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