Fuse Powered (an Upsight Company) Featured as a Top Mobile Ad Mediation Platform

February 19, 2016

Diana Aquino

Upsight’s Ad Mediation Platform (formerly AdRally, by Fuse Powered) tops AppIndex’s list of ‘Top Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms in 2016’. Upsight sits alongside prestigious platforms like MoPub and AdMob, as one of the industry’s best mobile ad mediation platforms.

Upsight works with all major ad networks, like AdColony, Applovin, Unity Ads, and MoPub, and is recognized as the only company that focuses solely on helping mobile publishers optimize their inventory and increase revenue.

Upsight is the only mediation platform on the list that doesn't offer its own demand, meaning its performance is completely neutral. As well, Upsight's mediation bundles all its ad partner’s SDKs into a single SDK, making it simple to integrate. All other platforms provide a mediation SDK that requires developers to integrate additional network SDKs and adapters. 

Check out the feature here!

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