Product Update: Better Segmentation with Custom Dimensions

May 21, 2014

Brian Howell

When Upsight launched back at GDC, we were excited to unveil our analytics and marketing platform to the mobile developer community. In 3 short months, the Kontagent and PlayHaven teams came together, formed one company, and launched a brand new platform combining both of our products. And we’ve had a great run since the launch – adding thousands of apps since launch. Handling over 500B events per month,

Upsight tracks several times the amount of data of many of our competitors – offering customers a proven, scalable solution. While we’re excited about how the product has been received, we will continue to deliver new and improved products.

Today, we’re excited to launch our latest enhancement to Upsight Segmentation that will help you define and track custom-defined data that you can u

se for precise in- and out of- app message targeting. With new Custom Segmentations you can now:

  • Ingest Custom User Dimensions: define and automatically ingest (either via CSV upload, API, or SDK) user-specific segmentation dimensions in addition to the 11 that Upsight automatically collects, which includes location, language, connection type, game version, hardware, number of sessions, last session, time in game, amount spent, first session, and OS version.
  • Create New, Precise User Segments: through any combination of custom and automatically collected segmentation dimensions, customers can create incredibly precise user segments to track in Data Mine or target with in- and out-of app messages.

Custom Dimensions are available to Pro and Enterprise Customers. Take a look at the Getting Started Guide to explore some use cases and learn how easy it is to get up and running. Interested in Custom Dimensions? If you’re an existing customer, please reach out to your CSM or contact us at If you’re a new customer, request a demo and we’ll gladly walk you through our platform.

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