Upsight at Casual Connect Asia: Benefits of Consolidation in the Mobile Games Industry

June 10, 2014

Britt Buckingham


We had the pleasure of speaking at Casual Connect Asia in Singapore a few weeks ago – sharing our opinions and insights on how consolidation is impacting the mobile games industry. Shawn Bonham, who leads operations and strategy for APAC out of our Japan office, shed light on recent consolidation trends in the mobile games industry (even our own merger!), and what developers can expect in the next 3-5 years.

“We are moving into a period of increased consolidati

on right now in the gaming industry,” he mentioned at the show. “As we move into this phase, it’s really important to identify the key components of the business back to scale. Just like that perfect black jacket or black dress that you can wear clubbing or you can wear to a wedding, figure out what your core components of your tech stack are, what the core components of your business are, and then you can really scale them as you build out your business across multiple dev teams, or as you work as a single developer with multiple publishers.”

Check out the full presentation where Shawn also explores trends in the US mobile games market, in particular where developers are demanding more custom, strategic approaches to their marketing campaigns with more detailed analytics tools.



See you at Casual Connect USA, July 22-24 in San Francisco!

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