4 Simple Mobile AB Tests You Should Be Running

May 28, 2015

Britt Buckingham

AB_use_cases_heroSo, you’ve decided to take the guessing out of your mobile marketing strategy by running some AB tests, but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few AB tests you can start running right now in your app that could result in higher click through and conversion rates, with relatively little effort on your part.

  1. Call to Action Buttons. This is a great place to start experimenting. You might be surprised how simply changing the color, shape or size of your call-to-action button could impact your conversion rates. In addition, think about the location of your call-to-action, for example, your users may be more apt to clicking if the button is near the bottom of their screen versus the top.
  2. Promotions. Test out different promotions to learn what your users are most attracted to. There are different ways to share your promotions and offer the same deal. For example, try listing the actual discounted price of an item versus the percent off you are offering or offer a “2 for 1” deal versus a “buy one get one free.”
  3. Messaging Copy. Just as in everyday conversation, different users find different types of wording more appealing. Changing the copy is easy to do and can impact your users actions in a big way. Some of our top mobile gaming customers have seen huge impacts by changing their copy from “download now” to simply “play” for example.
  4. Creatives. Changing up your images (even with the same copy) can make a huge impact your conversion rates. For example, showing your customer an image of a slice of pizza on its own vs. a photo of someone eating a slice of pizza could attract your user to convert on your deal for a two for one slice of pizza. Another test to consider running is showing jpeg images versus interactive animated gifs.

As a reminder: when you are running your AB tests, don’t forget the importance of giving your users a consistent experience. Smaller, sequential, AB tests may seem like they have less power, but they make the data collection and evaluation much more straight forward and you might just surprise yourself!

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